JediMaster – Crew Quarters
01 Jun 2017 |
JediMaster – Engine Room
30 Jun 2017 | Space Ambient
JediMaster – Galactic Observatory
30 Jun 2017 | Space Ambient
JediMaster – Hangar Deck
30 Jun 2017 | Space Ambient
JediMaster – Laboratory
30 Jun 2017 | Space Ambient
JediMaster – The Bridge
01 Jun 2017 | Space Ambient


Warm Welcome to the JediMaster Studio

My name is Jerry and I have been professionally exploring and developing my electronic music skills & knowledge since the year 2009, but music has been a very important element of my life since the very childhood. I have graduated from a Music School achieving the 1st and 2nd degrees according to the Yamaha Program (in 2004), as well a Music Production Course at Wroclaw’s School of Music Production in my hometown (in 2015). My most recent meaningful accomplishment was graduating from the Wroclaw’s School of Modern Music, achieving an official degree and becoming a Sound Engineer.

Photo of Jerry

The JediMaster Studio project became alive mainly in educational and promotional purposes. Promotion also covers other artists I consider inspiring and motivational. Having that said, I am running an active YouTube channel where one can find recent updates, including tutorials regarding music production by the usage of FL Studio, as well as loads & loads of incredible music released by artists from all around the Globe. Even though I myself produce Psychedelic Trance, the main genres I share on YouTube are Ambient & Space Ambient.

My production-related activity is not limited to only creating music and running the YouTube channel. I provide a large selection of services in terms of the music industry, such as:

  • Workshops on the usage of FL Studio
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Creating samples, loops & pre-sets for different plugs
  • Creating music for the gaming & Sci-Fi industries

If you would like to reach me out, please do so using one of the following: