JediMaster – Crew Quarters
01 Jun 2017 |
JediMaster – Engine Room
30 Jun 2017 | Space Ambient
JediMaster – Galactic Observatory
30 Jun 2017 | Space Ambient
JediMaster – Hangar Deck
30 Jun 2017 | Space Ambient
JediMaster – Laboratory
30 Jun 2017 | Space Ambient
JediMaster – The Bridge
01 Jun 2017 | Space Ambient

PsyTrance Samples Pack Vol. 1


This pack contains 256 samples in .wav format. They were all created since the very beginning, by using various virtual synthesizers (e.g. PsyKick AK 1, Bassdrum, Serum, Drumpad). Additionally, every sample was cleared using different correctors (e.g. Fruity Parametric EQ2, FabFilter Pro-Q 2), as well as boosted by compression (e.g. Fruity, Limiter, Maximus). Those processes make my sounds clean & expressive, hence make a perfect base for producing PsyTrance, and not only. This pack will allow you to immerse yourself into any electronic music.

In case you are not confident enough if this pack fits your needs, feel free to download a demo version offering 20 samples to experience and check yourself!

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Pack conatins 256 samples in Wave format (44100Hz, 32 Bit) in 5 categories:
1. Claps (32 Samples)
2. Snares (32 Samples)
3. Closed Hats (64 Samples)
4. Open hats (64 Samples: 20 Bright Open, 20 Classic Open, 20 Ride, 4 Special).
5. Kicks (64 Samples)

Buying these samples allows you to use themĀ in your music without having to pay any additional royalty fees. You only pay once.

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