JediMaster – Crew Quarters
01 Jun 2017 |
JediMaster – Engine Room
30 Jun 2017 | Space Ambient
JediMaster – Galactic Observatory
30 Jun 2017 | Space Ambient
JediMaster – Hangar Deck
30 Jun 2017 | Space Ambient
JediMaster – Laboratory
30 Jun 2017 | Space Ambient
JediMaster – The Bridge
01 Jun 2017 | Space Ambient



Please note: because I mainly work with electronic music, I mix only genres associated with this particular segment (Goa Psychedelic Trance, Psybient, Ambient, Downtempo, Techno, House etc.). Every track I approach personally and individually, I do not use ready presets. I perform digital mix.

Price for a single mix – 25 $

Price for mix of 5 or more – 20 $/each

If interested in the offer, please contact me via email.


Considered as one of the trickiest stages when speaking of working with music, hence not every producer is capable of conducting the process correctly. Contradicting to other artists, I have always been fascinated by this element, and I spent countless hours “mastering” my approach and required actions. Nevertheless, every track is treated individually and I select most appropriate settings, willing to highlight as precisely as possible the biggest advantages of a single track. I perform digital mastering.

Price for a single track mastering – 20 $.

Price for mastering of 5 or move tracks – 17 $/each.

If interested in the offer, please contact me via email.



I give workshops on the usage of FL Studio. I am aware of how difficult or tricky it might be to study the music production on your own. What is more, without any basic knowledge it is almost impossible.

That’s why, if you live anywhere close to Wroclaw and the surroundings and you would like to quickly get on the path with my professional support, do not hesitate to reach me via email or by calling. I promise that within the first couple of hours with me you will learn a lot more than in a few weeks of work on your own. I charge 25 $ per hour. We meet individually in my professional, acoustically-adapted home studio.

In case you would like to reach me from a distance, I’m pleased to inform I also provide classes and support via Skype. Adapting a convenient and professional software allowed me to master screen-sharing options, as well as the sound itself, directly from FL Studio. As you see, technology allows anything.

We will be covering elements such as:

  • Usage of the Fruity Loops Studio
  • Electronic Music Production
  • Mix & Mastering
  • Music Principles
  • Sound Synthesis
  • Building Harmony & Melody
  • Usage of different controllers, interfaces & synthesizers

Gaming & Movies-related Music

I have been absorbed and fascinated about music industry within the Science Fiction industry since my early age. Futuristic sounds of flying spaceships, laser shots, or sounds issued by mechanical devices are deeply rooted in my mind. Couple of years ago I decided to start working with music synthesis and creation of my own “futuristic sounds”. Many of those I use in my PsyTrance production, moreover, they all can also be used to fit gaming and other Science Fiction projects. Quite universal tools. If you require a soundtrack for games or movies get in touch with me, and together we will work out an accurate, individual solution for your idea. I will be honored to take part in all projects of that matter.

Take a look at a few samples below: