JediMaster – Crew Quarters
01 Jun 2017 |
JediMaster – Engine Room
30 Jun 2017 | Space Ambient
JediMaster – Galactic Observatory
30 Jun 2017 | Space Ambient
JediMaster – Hangar Deck
30 Jun 2017 | Space Ambient
JediMaster – Laboratory
30 Jun 2017 | Space Ambient
JediMaster – The Bridge
01 Jun 2017 | Space Ambient




High-quality samples in Wave format (44100Hz, 32Bit) will meet expectations of the amateurs, as well as the professionals. Even though I focused them on Psychedelic Trance, they will also work just as good with other music genres, such as: Techno, Trance, House, Psybient etc.




High-quality loops in Wave format (44100Hz, 32Bit) allow creation of dynamic drum sequences. The expressivity, readability and appropriate balance of frequencies are characteristics, that accurately describe loops of my production.




All my presets were created by myself from the very beginning, by the usage of basic oscillators. I believe my packs cover almost all possible sounds that can be used in production of Psychedelic Trance music: Hard bass, 303s, Spatial Pads, DarkPsy Leads and many kinds of FX sounds, which I can assure you will significantly increase the quality of your production, achieving a space-like effect.